Hand Crafted Oak Fireplace Beams

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Oak Fireplace Beam

Contemporary Kiln Dried

Smooth consistent surfaces clean lined with no cracks and minimal knots. Square edges and a sharp finish.

Our kiln dried beams are the sharpest of our range. Showcasing sleek smooth surfaces with beautifully subtle character within the grain. Free from cracks and minimal knotting the kiln dried mantel has a sleek, polished and contemporary finish.

Available in 4 colours | Prices from £76
Oak Fireplace Beam

The Country Cottage

Beautifully square edges with multiple splits, knots and flecks within the wood.

A stunning blend of authentic farmhouse character and contemporary smooth square edges. Our Country Cottage beams are the perfect style to bring traditional and modern into one..

Available in 4 colours | Prices from £80
Oak Fireplace Beam

The Farmhouse

Soft Rounded edges which frame the knots cracks and flecks within the wood.

Our farmhouse range is the most traditional of our styles. Stunning and unapologetically natural in its characteristics, showcasing the most amount of proud cracks, beautiful full bodied knots and smooth hand moulded round edges…

Available in 4 colours | Prices from £80
Oak Fireplace Beam

The Rustic Reclaimed

Rugged, aged and packed full of character.

We craft and mould our reclaimed oak beams from the most rustic oak timber in the pack, they are carefully selected for its reclaimed, distressed and authentically aged.

Available in 4 colours | Prices from £80

Oak Shelving

Available in 4 styles and 4 colours.

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