Sustainability is very important to us and we support reforestation programmes.

Founded on the premise that a happy working environment is everything and beautiful products can be made soundly and help mitigate climate change.

We think it’s pretty cool that trees absorb carbon dioxide to grow and produce oxygen. By planting more we can reduce carbon emissions and increase our impact. That is why we support reforestation programmes close to home and only choose wood from credited sources. By choosing Cottage Beams, you are helping to restore a healthy planet for future generations.

We believe that beautiful objects and efficient business practises can do great things. We all live by the same values and with the help of our in-house sustainability officer, aim to be the best company we can be. We select methods and materials on their environmental impact, and remain committed to reducing carbon emissions in the atmosphere.

From the oak we source, to the milk we sip, it is all part of our commitment towards making our business as sustainably and ethically sound as possible.