The Country Cottage White Oak Fireplace Beam for Plasterboard Wall

Beautifully round edges with multiple splits, knots and flecks within the wood. A stunning blend of authentic farmhouse character and contemporary smooth round edges. Our Country Cottage beams are the perfect style to bring traditional and modern into one.

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All standard sized beams come with FREE SHIPPING and ALL REQUIRED FIXINGS for installation.
  • All beam fixtures will be fitted on the largest side unless otherwise requested
  • Keyhole fittings will be used on beams with a depth smaller than 12.5 cm
  • Concealed fittings will be provided for beams deeper than 12.5 cm
  • The standard and most common size is (height x depth) 20 x 10 cm and 120 cm in length

Please note:
Each beam is unique and displays its own individual beauty through its cracks, knots and splits. You should allow for further cracking after receiving your beam as this is a normal part of the acclimatisation process. We advise all customers to allow the beam to get use to its new environment prior to installation.

Oak Characteristics

The air dried oak we use has some natural characteristics. These are due to the oak responding to environmental forces and changes over time. These natural characteristics give the oak a unique look and adds “personality” to all the products we produce. Due to this each beam / shelf is unique in its characteristics and will vary from piece to piece. Below are the characteristics you will find naturally occurring in our products:

Checks (Cracks)
Checks are the formation of cracks in the wood normally caused by tension stresses. They often develop early in drying because the lumber surfaces dry too quickly as a result of low relative humidity. Air dried oak can have surface checks which adds character.


Knots are usually with a darker coloured centre, outlined with resin and standing out from the grain. They give wood special character and make timber boards look more authentic as no two knots look the same.


Medullary Rays
These marks are a naturally occurring finish called "medullary rays" and are something which add a rich character and beauty to all of our oak products:


Our oak is sourced from well managed forests. We buy all PEFC & FSC certified timber. Our air dried oak is typically 2-5 years air dried.

Product Dimensions and Fixings:

We handcraft all our products to order in our Yorkshire workshop. If you require a length size which is non standard but still within the dimensions on the website, please choose the higher dimension closest to your size listed and state in the notes section at the checkout your actual required length. Please note other thickness dimensions will need to be quoted on a individual basis through our Bespoke Order section of the website.

IMPORTANT: If you have a plasterboard wall please order from our 'For Plasterboard' section of the website. All products in the Plasterboard section have been tested with plasterboard walls and include upgraded plasterboard fixings.

IMPORTANT: Shelf sizes may vary due to the machining and sanding process. Please allow for a 1.5cm difference either side of the size ordered. These differences will not be classed as a defect.

All fixtures are supplied ready for installation on our standard sized products.

If you require a bespoke size made to your specific specifications then please call us. With custom orders you will need to provide your own fixings.

All of our products are made from kiln dried or air dried European oak which is PEFC certified. All our products are unique, displaying their own individual beauty through cracks, knots and splits. We use only the highest quality oak to try minimise any further movement as it acclimitalises to its new surroundings, however please allow for further movement as it settles into your home.

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