The Rustic Reclaimed Style White Oak Fireplace Beam


Our most aged beam in the range with a rugged and gnarled look, it is heavily sculpted and aged with deep cracks, knots, and marks. This beam has an authentic centuries old appearance adding majestic character to any room.

Product dimensions and fitting:

  • All beam fixtures will be fitted on the largest side unless otherwise requested.
  • Keyhole fittings will be used on beams smaller than 4.5 inches
  • Concealed fittings will be provided for beams larger than 4.5 inches
  • The standard and most common size is 4ft – 8″x4”

Product appearance:

Please note, each beam is unique and displays its own individual beauty through its cracks, knots and splits. You should allow for further cracking after receiving your beam – this is to be expected, and is a normal part of the product’s acclimatisation process. We advise all customers to allow the beam to get used to its new environment for two weeks prior to installation. Packaging should be removed, and the temperature of the room gradually increased over this period.

Beam sizes may vary due to the machining and sanding process. Please allow for a 25mm difference. These differences will not be classed as a defect.

Product Colours

Burnt Brown – Our Burnt Brown Oak beams offer unparalleled depth of colour and visual intrigue.
Clear Oak – Classic and unadulterated, our Clear oak style is suited to a wide variety of interiors.
Rich Oak – Our Rich Oak scheme brings warmth and style to any room.
Terra – With a rich and complex palette, the Terra range offers an earthy, natural quality.
White Oak – Clean and contemporary, our ‘White Oak’ range highlights the natural details of the wood. Perfect for light, modern interiors.