Step 1

Mark the centre of the beam and measure to the centres of the pre-drilled fixings.

Step 2

Mark the centre of the wall where you want to place the shelf or mantel and transfer the measurements onto the wall.

Step 3

Using a nail punch, mark accurately where you would like to drill.

Step 4

Place the spirit level above the drill holes and ensure they are perfectly level.

Step 5

Using a 8mm drill bit and keeping the drill straight and level or slightly angled downward, drill a 80mm deep hole into each of your bracket markings on your wall.

Step 6

Tap the Rawl plugs provided into the holes until they are flush to the wall.

Step 7

Using a screwdriver, screw the screw provided into the Rawl plugs.

Step 8

Place your beam onto the screws. Please adjust the screws so that your beam is able to sit tight to the wall.

Step 9

Place the spirit level again on the shelf / beam and ensure a final level installation.

Step 10

Step back, appreciate your hard work and your beautiful new beam!