Step 1

Mark the centre of the beam and measure to the centres of the predrilled holes.

Step 2

Mark the centre of the wall where you want to place the shelf or mantel and transfer the measurements onto the wall.

Step 3

Using a nail punch, mark accurately where you would like to drill.

Step 4

Using a 10mm drill bit and keeping the drill straight and level or slightly angled downward, drill a 80mm deep hole into each of your bracket markings on your wall.

Step 5

Tap the Rawl plugs provided into the holes until they are flush to the wall.

Step 6

Using a 10mm spanner, screw the rod fixings into the holes created in the wall. The washers provided increase the overall load strength and are recommended.

Step 7

Ensure rods are tightly screwed into the wall, with no moment.

Step 8

Gently Slide the shelf / beam onto the brackets leaving enough room for the spanner to fit behind it.

Step 9

Place the spirit level on the shelf / beam and adjust the brackets with the spanner until the shelf is perfectly level. The threaded part of the bracket is positioned off centre from the steel rod section enabling you to adjust the position of each bracket.

Step 10

Apply a small amount of silicone or grab adhesive to the wall and in the fixing holes to prevent the beam / shelf becoming loose. Finally, slide the shelf / beam all the way back until the back side of the wood is flush against the wall.